How to file a roof damage claim?

Finding out that your roof is damaged can be a stressful experience for the property holders. Following up the insurance claim can require a lot of energy.  To make sure that you can carry the insurance claim, discuss your damages with a public adjuster. Following are the steps recommended by the Public Adjusters for Roof Damages:

Search for the damage instantly after a hailstorm:

If you are doubtful about your roof to be damaged, call your insurance carrier to come and examine your roof. If your roof looks unbroken from the top does not mean that it will be the same internally, this could be only inspected by a roofing specialist of your insurance company. Right after the hailstorm or as soon as possible and safe, call the specialist for an inspection.

Capture the snaps and document information related to the damage

A specialized rooftop expert knows where the damage can occur and will easily document your damage in details. Usually, they take pictures of the damaged places and submit it along with the written documentation of what is needed to be fixed and what is the cost. In some cases the damage is not enough to be claimed for, however, a roofing expert can tell you how to fix the roof.  In severe cases, you need to involve your insurance company that will need to provide proves, measurements, the reason for the damage, date and time etc.

Contact your insurance company and learn what your insurance policy covers.

If you are facing severe case of rooftop damage, contact your insurance carrier as soon as possible.  If you have not taken the damage seriously on time you may not be able to claim for the insurance amount.  Keep your insurance policy handy to easily go through the covered and not covered damages.  Let’s suppose if your roof is 15 years old the insurance company may only cover some part of the replacement cost, subject to the depreciation value.  If you are not sure of the damage call your insurance carrier to send an adjuster who will examine the damaged places and estimate the cost.

Select a roofing contractor with insurance knowledge

If your rooftop is covered under the insurance policy, so you will be given the amount to fix the damages. You can select a roofing contractor to repair or completely change the roof.

 Keep an eye out for contingency contracts

Most roofing adjusters provide free roof examination and replacement estimate.  Though, some adjusters disguise the contingency contracts as inspection reports. These contingency contracts are mostly designed by the roofing agents, so be careful before signing any document. By signing these contracts you may be agreeing to give the contract to the roofing company.