Professional Roof Replacement Services

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Roof replacement is an involved process that is not simply a one-day fix. It can be time-consuming and is more costly than a simple repair. However, this is a procedure that will last for years, which makes it very important to go with a reputable roofing contractor. Brian Thompson Roofing, LLC provides expert roof replacement for residential homes and commercial businesses.

The first decision to make is whether or not roof replacement is the best option for you. At Brian Thompson Roofing, LLC, we will come to your home or business and evaluate your roof. Sometimes, roof repair could give you a couple more years, although other situations call for a whole new roof.

Here is something to consider when trying to make that decision.

Age of Roof


When you purchase a roof, it is a lengthy investment, although it is not going to last forever. A roof of 20 years or more should be considered for replacement. The effects of weather and age are naturally going to weaken a roof.

Roof replacement has varying total costs and Brian Thompson Roofing, LLC is capable of working with all kinds of budgets. Here are some aspects we take into consideration when figuring out your budget for roof replacement

Pitch of the Roof


This plays a big part when estimating the cost of roof replacement. All roofs have different pitches or angles. The more pitches on a root, the higher the cost of replacement will be.

Roof Size


This will factor in heavily what kind of roof you can afford. There is no way to change the size, so cost is always going to depend a great deal on the size of your roof.



Choosing what kind of roof you want has a wide price range. Cedar shake, metal and asphalt roofs all have different costs. Roof replacement also means you can change the material from your old roof. You don’t have to go with the same style.


Brian Thompson Roofing, LLC attends to every job aspect from start to finish. That includes taking care of all the cleanup duties of a roof replacement job. We will be sure no random nails, shingles or other debris is left behind. Our cleanup tools are magnetized, so we can be sure to grab every shred of debris. And we also bring dumpsters to safely haul everything away.