Siding Replacement in St. Clair County and Metro East area

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Residential and Commercial Siding Replacement Services


The right siding can make all the difference when it comes to a home’s appearance. Siding also serves a functional purpose as it helps with energy efficiency and protects the home from harsh weather. Brian Thompson Roofing, LLC provides expert siding repair and siding installation in Southern Illinois and the nearby areas.

When installing any kind of siding, it is very important to select a style. But it is equally important to select a grade of siding. A grade is used to define the thickness level of the siding. For example, new construction typically uses a 040 Grade while 044 is considered to be more of a premium. Brian Thompson Roofing, LLC will help you in choosing the right option as there are number types to consider.

Vinyl Siding

Brian Thompson Roofing, LLC also provides house wraps, which create a moisture barrier for your home. This differs from insulation but will keep outside air and precipitation out of the home.


Repair and Replacement Services

The elements of nature can take their toll on a home, although help is only a phone call away with Brian Thompson Roofing, LLC. Harsh weather can actually tear vinyl siding directly off the home. There may also be other problems, such as flashing that is damaged or improperly installed. High winds and hail can wreak havoc on a home, calling for immediate repair.


Brian Thompson Roofing, LLC offers siding repair service that includes the following:


Expert Solutions

Matching vinyl siding is not always as easy as picking out the same brand that was installed in your home. Over time, siding can fade a bit in color. That means that new siding will look as though it doesn’t match. That is where it helps to have the assistance of a professional to get the right match for your home.


Insurance Assistance

Siding repair may be covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy and Brian Thompson Roofing, LLC has a proven track record when it comes to dealing with insurance companies. We can help you through the process and do our part in providing quality siding repair in Southern Illinois and the neighboring communities.